Report on the International Conference 'Coping with Uncertainty'

by Prof. Tarmo Soomere, GSD partner

The aim of the international conference "Coping with Uncertainty" (Sigtuna, Sweden, 15-17 November 2009) was to discuss implications of uncertainty at science-policy interfaces...


GSD partner directly informs Estonian parliamentary policy

In an unprecedented move, the Estonian parliament, the Riigikogu, recently called on a group of the country's most esteemed scientists to help inform policy on the environmental risks related to the gas pipeline planned in the...


Predicting Climate Tipping Points – developments from Prof. Michael Thompson

There is currently much interest in examining climatic tipping points, to see if it is feasible to predict them in advance. Using techniques from bifurcation theory, recent work looks for a slowing down of the intrinsic transient...


Event report: A Model for Sustainability

On the 17th of November Ashlyns School hosted the panel discussion event 'A Model for Sustainability'.  The panel comprised of Prof. Brian Collins, the Chief Scientific Advisor to the UK Department of Transport, Dr. Sarah...


A series of photographic images which address the issues surrounding sustainability by Charlotte Hazeldine

Charlotte Hazeldine was commissioned by GSD coordinator Prof. Steve Bishop to produce a series of photographic images which address the issues surrounding sustainability. We are pleased to present these images via the GSD...


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